This blog is about sharing my love for tasty food and easy recipes that are delicious and highly nutritious.  I love to create recipes that are Asian inspired and easy to make.

Born in Korea and raised in the United States, I’ve always had a deep love for ancient ingredients from the East as well as spices from around the world. Developing a passion for organic cooking and learning of ancient herbs and spices has been my gateway to a healthier lifestyle.

My name is Gigi Young.  I am an entrepreneur and recently a food blogger.  I love to cook, take pictures, write, travel and yoga.  What gives me joy keeps me in the present moment.

I’ve been very inspired by my many adventures and travels abroad having been very fortunate to eat my way through some of the most amazing destinations.  One can truly love and respect different cultures and experience joy in the diversity of people through love of food.

Having acquired some extreme tendencies, I used to be a workaholic and overly indulgent in rich foods.  Not too long ago I was overweight, fatigued, with a weak digestive and immune system.  Once I began to adopt a more balanced way of eating by cooking with all natural and organic ingredients my vitality and health.  Within 8 months I lost almost 20 pounds and was back to my natural weight.

Once I shifted to eating better, I realized that cooking fresh made me feel better.  I listened to what my body was craving in ways of taste and nutrition and began on a healing journey cooking what I enjoyed.  Food became fuel and medicine.  I could notice the difference in the way that food made me feel – good on the inside and glowing on the outside.  Making healthy and tasty food can be easy, on a budget, and take 30 minutes or less.

Making home cooked meals is an expression of love for yourself and those you care for.  With this in mind, I am excited to share these recipes with you and wish you long lasting health and vibrance!

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